Vesper Marine Safety: Introducing Cortex VHF plus AIS

The world's most advanced VHF with built-in smartAIS SOTDMA transponder and remote vessel monitoring.

WatchMate Vision2 and XB-8000 transponders feature award-winning smartAIS technology for Collision Avoidance, Anchor Watch and Man Overboard situations.

Cortex V1 VHF with AIS

Vesper Marine Cortex combines AIS SOTDMA, VHF, and a wireless handset

Cortex M1 AIS

Vesper Marine Cortex combines AIS SOTDMA and VHF

WatchMate Vision2

Vesper Marine WatchMate Vision2 with Smart AIS

WatchMate XB-8000

Vesper XB-8000 Marine AIS Transponder