WatchMate 750 - AIS receiver and display

This product has been discontinued. A limited quantity may be available for purchase direct from Vesper Marine only.

Vesper Marine
  • Designed especially for the lowest power consumption, lower than most other AIS products.
  • Highest AIS performance with excellent receiver sensitivity for maximum range.
  • Dual parallel channels increases safety and provides twice the reporting rate of single channel receivers.
  • Easy to install. Fully self-contained with no external "black boxes".
  • Winner of two international innovation awards.
YouTube WatchMate WatchMate Anchor Watch Video
See how easy the Anchor Watch feature is to use

The AISWatchMate 750 incorporates an internal high performance two channel AIS receiver with the award winning AISWatchMate collision avoidance display.

Using the Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS) the AISWatchMate 750 displays data from all AIS equipped vessels in your vicinity. Audible warning alarms are sounded if a potentially dangerous situation exists.

The alarm sounds whenever a ship is detected that will come dangerously close even though the ship may still be many miles away. You are alerted immediately with the closest point of approach (CPA) and the time until CPA.

Unique and customisable alarm and intelligent filter settings help to eliminate false alarms. Ships and alarms are displayed in a prioritised order assisting you to safely navigate in crowded shipping areas.

The AISWatchMate 750 has a built-in AIS receiver. It can be interfaced to other on-board electronics and will provide full AIS output. However, it is not necessary to connect it to anything other than a GPS.

You can connect the AISWatchMate 750 to any GPS receiver that has a NMEA 0183 output (not USB).

Note: A connection to a GPS receiver is required for full operation. The WatchMate 750 is an AIS receive-only unit. For transmit and receive, see the WatchMate 850.


Integrated AIS Receiver

Includes a built-in two channel parallel AIS receiver. This high performance receiver means greater range and increased safety. It also makes installation easier. No external "black boxes" to mount, power and wire. Just plug in a VHF antenna and connect the AISWatchMate 750 to your GPS.

Class A, Class B and AIS SART & MOB

The perfect companion for AIS Search and Rescue and Man Over Board devices, including the latest models. Sounds the alarm whenever an AIS-SART or AIS-MOB is triggered. Clearly identifies them on the display and provides continuous position updates as well as bearing and range to the SART or MOB.

Ultra-Low power consumption

Designed for minimal power consumption the AISWatchMate 750 is extremely well suited for energy conscious vessels.

Anchor Watch (Watch this feature in action on YouTube here)

This feature enables you to mark where you dropped anchor and sounds an alarm if your vessel moves outside a preset circle. Unlike any other anchor watch, when used with a heading sensor this one corrects for location of your GPS antenna eliminating position errors of your boat.

Direct Selective Calling (DSC)

Using the DSC function from your AISWatchMate 750 allows you to initiate an “individual station call” to vessels that are displayed on your AISWatchMate 750 screen. This feature makes it easy to message nearby boats, requesting them to switch to a specific channel for a VHF call.

Target Plot

Provides a radar-like display of all vessels within the selected range. The display can be oriented north-up or heading-up so it's very easy and natural to interpret. Dangerous and lost targets are readily identified.

Graphical Plot Shows Crossing Situations

Shows the relative position of a target vs. your vessel at the closest point of approach. This provides a graphical view of the crossing situation and clearly indicates whether a target will pass ahead or behind.


Computes the closest point of approach and time until CPA. Alarms may be based on these and other factors.

Bearing and Range

Computes the bearing and range to each vessel. Bearing can be displayed in magnetic to facilitate easy visual identification using your compass and binoculars. Bearings can alternatively be displayed in true or relative to your vessel's heading.


Vessels and alarms are presented in priority order.

Intelligent Filtering

In crowded operating areas the AISWatchMate 750 eliminates clutter and false alarms with sophisticated filtering options.

Identify your "fleet"

Targets marked as members of your fleet are displayed with a special icon. Use this to indicate your friends or vessels you commonly work with.

CPA alarm

Triggers alarm if a vessel will come too close. Full control of alarm parameters.

Guard alarm

Sounds alarm if any vessel comes within the specified range. Both CPA alarms and guard alarms may be used together.

External alarm trigger

In addition to the internal alarm, an external buzzer, alarm, or signal light can be interfaced without requiring any additional relays (max 2A).

Consise and easy to read displays

Uncluttered easy to read display shows all available AIS data.

Safety messages

Displays received AIS Broadcast Safety Messages. These messages may contain important safety, navigation, weather, or shipping information.

Aids to navigation

Full support for AIS aids to navigation including off-position and virtual aid indicators.

Meteorological and hydrographic display

Displays real-time wind, current, tidal and much more in areas where this information is broadcast.

GPS repeater

Displays GPS satellite status and navigation data such as your position, heading, course and speed.

GPS failure alert

Alerts you if your GPS stops working.

Large backlit LCD

Adjustable daylight viewable backlit 125mm (5") LCD.

Easy to use

Four buttons control all features. Each button is clearly labeled on-screen. Buttons are backlit for night time use and illumination brightness is controllable. Each setting has on-screen help.

External interface

The AISWatchMate 750 provides complete AIS output from its internal receiver and is easily interfaced to chart plotters, radars or computers.

Easy installation

Installation is simplified with the AISWatchMate 750. No external "black boxes" are required. Simply plug in a VHF antenna and connect the unit to your GPS.

Increased Safety

Your safety is increased when offshore or in busy traffic areas.

Safety at night

When night falls or the weather is bad it is often difficult to see other vessel's lights or determine their direction. The AISWatchMate 750 shows immediately which way the vessel is moving and will even plot the crossing situation.

Positive Identification

You'll have each vessel's name and call sign. If you wish to call another vessel you will be able to ensure you are talking to the correct vessel. This is very important when operating in busy areas or in bad weather when visibility is reduced.

Operates on very low power

Energy conscious users know how important low power operation can be particularly on a long voyage when charging from solar or wind. The AISWatchMate 750 consumes far less than a radar, chart plotter or computer. The AISWatchMate 750 takes power saving further by going into a Power Save Mode causing the display and backlight to turn off when no targets are in range, waking up instantly when a target comes into range.

Stand-alone unit doesn't require chart plotter, computer or radar

The AISWatchMate 750 is easy to interface to these devices but none are necessary for its operation. The AISWatchMate 750 is a fully stand-alone AIS collision warning solution.

What's In The Box

  • Protective cover
  • Quick start guide
  • Mounting bracket with thumbscrews
  • Flush mounting template
  • 2m (6.5') Power/data cable
  • Antenna adapter
  • Flush mounting seal and screws
  • CD with all documentation including the user guide
Size *208mm wide x 135mm high x 76mm depth (8 3/16" x 5 5/16" x 3")
Flush mount thickness 17mm (11/16")
Power supply10-32VDC, 3W (Power Save Mode = 210mA @ 12V)
Number of receivers 2 parallel
Frequency range 156.025 - 162.025 MHz
Channel bandwidth 25 KHz
Sensitivity -115 dBm < 20% PER
VHF antenna required PL-259 connector. 50 ohm, 156-162MHz max 2:1 VSWR
Environmental Waterproof (IP67)
Operating temperature 0°C to +70°C (32°F to 158°F)
Storage temperature -25°C to +80°C (-13°F to 176°F)
LCD panel125mm (5") grayscale daylight viewable 320x240
LCD light level Off and multiple levels of brightness
Serial data 1 bi-directional RS232 (PC), 1 NMEA input (GPS), 1 NMEA output (multiplexed AIS+GPS)
Baud rates 4800, 38400
Protocols IEC 61162-1, NMEA 0183, NMEA 0183 HS
Standards NMEA V2.x/V3.01, IEC 62287, ITU-R M.1371
GPS NMEA sentence required RMC
Optional NMEA heading sentences HDG, HDM or HDT
AIS NMEA sentence output VDM
AIS Messages All class A and class B position reports, voyage data, static data, aids to navigation, SAR aircraft, SART, MOB, meteorological/hydrographic and broadcast safety messages (1,2,3,5,8,9,14,18,19,21,24A,24B)
External alarm Maximum 2A switching without external relay

Vesper Marine * Size does not include bracket or cable

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Specifications may change due to product improvements and different product release versions.