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Safety like never before.
Now on your smart watch.

deckWatch from Vesper Marine is a free smart watch app that will transform your boating safety. Get instant information about potential collisions, anchor drag or man overboard on your smart watch using this new Android Wear 2 app from Vesper Marine.
deckWatch uses the power of Android Wear 2 to connect your smart watch directly to the WiFi of your smartAIS transponder. It's your safety companion anywhere on your boat. You don't have to reach for your smart phone or tablet or carry them in rough sea conditions about the boat. You can see alerts directly on your smart watch. That's safety on hand exclusively from Vesper Marine. 

smartAIS transponders for your deckWatch

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Does the deckWatch alert me instantly when there is a risk situation?

Vesper Marine recommends that the deckWatch be used as a secondary alarm. If your smartAIS transponder detects a risk situation it will trigger an alarm. That's when you can use deckWatch to check if the alarm is due to a collision risk or man overboard or an anchor drag situation at anchor. As a secondary alarm device, you can use the smart watch for an optimum period of time without recharging. If the smart watch is used as a primary alarm (screen always on), the battery operating time would be limited.

Is the deckWatch available for iWatch and Samsung Gear 2?

The deckWatch is currently available for all watches with the Android Wear 2 OS. The OS is chosen due to its high level of flexibility for smart watches to work as standalone devices. The iWatch and Samsung Gear 2 work with different operating systems and need to be continuously paired with a smart phone to run apps. deckWatch is not available on these devices.