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Does deckWatch alert me instantly when there is a risk situation?

deckWatch can be used as a secondary alarm. If your smartAIS transponder detects a risk situation, it will trigger an alarm. This is a built-in audible alarm on the WatchMate Vision and the external audible alarm on the WatchMate XB-8000 or an audible alarm on your smartphone or tablet and is your primary alarm. That's when you can use deckWatch to check if the alarm is due to a collision risk, man overboard or an anchor drag situation.

Is deckWatch available for Apple Watch and Samsung Gear 2?

deckWatch is currently available for all watches with the Android Wear 2 OS. This OS was chosen due to its high level of flexibility, which allows for smart watches to work as standalone devices. The Apple Watch and Samsung Gear 2 until recently needed to be continuously paired with a smart phone to run apps. deckWatch is not available on these devices. Our plan is to evaluate the App on the Android Wear 2 platform and make a decision in the future.