For optimum performance, the antenna needs to be mounted at the highest point on the boat such as the top of the mast of a sailboat, radar arch support or top deck of a powerboat. Mounting the antenna as high as possible gives the best performance but may be difficult to achieve with a dedicated AIS antenna.

Dedicated VHF and AIS antennas need to be separated by at least 1m or there may be a possibility of damage to the VHF or AIS transponder. That's where a shared AIS/ VHF antenna is fit for purpose. Used in conjunction with the AIS/ VHF splitter, it provides excellent performance for both the VHF Radio and AIS transponder.

Shared AIS/ VHF antenna (VA-159)

Vesper Marine takes you one step further. In the past, one had to choose between an AIS tuned antenna that was optimized for AIS frequencies but performed poorly for the VHF radio and an antenna designed for VHF radio but not AIS optimal. With the shared Vesper Marine AIS/ VHF antenna, you get the best of both. With a wide bandwidth of 6MHz and with 159MHz as the center frequency, it has excellent performance for both VHF radio (156 MHz) and AIS (162MHz).

The Vesper Marine splitter SP-160 provides amplification to the AIS signal resulting in much higher AIS sensitivity and AIS receive range. The splitter has a VHF fail-safe functionality to continue transmitting VHF radio even if the power to the splitter fails.

Dedicated AIS antenna (VA-162)

If you have the luxury of multiple high locations on your boat like in the case of a powerboat or a sailboat with multiple masts, you can choose two dedicated antennas: one for VHF Radio and one for AIS. Vesper Marine's dedicated AIS antenna is tuned with a center frequency of 162 MHz for maximum transmission and reception of AIS signals.

Shared AIS/VHF antenna connection