Ocean Navigator Jan 2010 Letter to the editor of Ocean Navigator recounting the experiences of Nat and Betsy Warren-White with their AISWatchMate on board Bahati Read More
Export Awards Finalists

Exports of a mapping system to identify all 30,000 species on a Tahitian island, a simulator for medical students to practice virtual operations at home online, and a collision warning system for yachts and commercial boats; these are among the stunning achievements of this year's Auckland export award finalists.

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Modern Boating Dec 2009

Modern Boating, Dec 2009 Andrew "Aussie" Bray from Modern Boating reviews the AISWatchMate, December 2009. Read More
Vesper Marine

Shaun Quincey is setting out to do what only his father Colin Quincey has done before – single-handedly cross the Tasman Sea in a row boat. In preparation for his solo endeavour, Quincey has spent the last two years preparing himself for the physical and mental challenge of a tough two months at sea.

Thoughtfully equipping his small boat with technology that will help aid safe passage, he has selected the AISWatchMate RX to accompany him on this amazing journey.

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Cruising Helmsman, Oct 2009

Steve and Rachel Hopkinson recount their experience with the AISWatchMate in "Cruising Helmsman", October 2009.

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Sail World July 1, 2009

While AIS technology has revolutionised one's ability to locate and identify most vessels that could be of danger, the interpretation of the technology into a simple solution, JUST FOR SAILORS, was left, by default, to two off-shore sailors Jeff Robbins and Deirdre Schleigh.

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Export Awards Finalists

Designed to keep danger at bay

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AISWatchMate scores innovation win

Trade A Boat June 2009 Read More

A number of other boats in the Tonga fleet, four to be precise, have the transceiver model that allows them to send their position as well as recieve.

Island Cruising Association June 2009 Read More
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