Bump and slide test

Boating isn’t always plain sailing. If a marine product isn’t tough, it won’t survive. We tried to think of all the ways you might break or lose your Cortex handsets out on the water. Our mechanical engineers came up with some ingenious ways to help prevent that.

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What's in the name?

What's in the name Cortex

We searched far and wide for the ultimate name for the ultimate VHF. Learn why we landed on the name Cortex, the crazier ideas we didn’t call it, and how we hid the original project name in the final product!

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How Cortex started

It all started with wanting to further enhance our smartAIS product range and take AIS to a wider audience. Knowing so strongly of the safety benefits AIS provides, we wanted more boaters to adopt the technology.. The more who are using it, the more valuable it becomes as a navigation aid. AIS is a powerful tool for navigation but historically it has been viewed by many boaters as a luxury. We felt it should be commonplace on most vessels, so set out to change all that.

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Carl talk about the future or AIS

I have been reflecting on AIS over the last decade, but Its exciting to think about whats on the horizon for maritime VHF digital communications, and what the next 10 years may bring. - Carl Omundsen, Chief Technical Officer

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