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I used the mobile app on my Android phone to upgrade the firmware on my XB-8000 yesterday. Way cool! Before I wondered if I would use the feature - but it's so convenient - I love it! The whole process was quick and easy.

Eric Miller, Sabre 30 "Spirit", near Annapolis (Facebook June 6, 2017)
XB-8000 smartAIS owner

We have a new feature on the anchor watch: I can move the anchor location around with the cursor. This is AWESOME. Please let the engineers that put this together know I like it.

Doug Asbe, Alajuela 38 "Leigh Ann", Hawaii (email June 5, 2017)
XB-8000 smartAIS owner

Let me start with giving you a very big compliment and a huge Thank You for that Smart AIS update. It works perfect! I had no time to order your alarm/switch kit, but managed to install the alarm I had with another switch and it works perfectly!

I just sailed for 5 days and 4 nights over the North Sea, from Holland to the Shetlands, through quite some oil fields, shipping lanes and fish grounds. Without this alarm function I would have had to rely on the alarm in OpenCPN. And that, with all respect for OpenCPN, is not half as useful as yours! Great work.

Werner Toonk, S/Y Karma, Netherlands (email May 19, 2017)
XB-8000 smartAIS owner


The shipment was just dropped off now. I ordered it on Tuesday morning and it was delivered on Thursday morning. WE are not located near any large city, we are in a rural area with more dairy cows than people.

I am just shaking my head in awe that a product can be ordered, shipped from NZ and delivered to my front door in upstate New York within basically 2 days.... WOW.

Bill Haney, S/V The Wanderer, New York (email March 23, 2017)
WatchMate Vision owner
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