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Let me start with giving you a very big compliment and a huge Thank You for that Smart AIS update. It works perfect! I had no time to order your alarm/switch kit, but managed to install the alarm I had with another switch and it works perfectly!

I just sailed for 5 days and 4 nights over the North Sea, from Holland to the Shetlands, through quite some oil fields, shipping lanes and fish grounds. Without this alarm function I would have had to rely on the alarm in OpenCPN. And that, with all respect for OpenCPN, is not half as useful as yours! Great work.

Werner Toonk, S/Y Karma, Netherlands (email May 19, 2017)
XB-8000 smartAIS owner


The shipment was just dropped off now. I ordered it on Tuesday morning and it was delivered on Thursday morning. WE are not located near any large city, we are in a rural area with more dairy cows than people.

I am just shaking my head in awe that a product can be ordered, shipped from NZ and delivered to my front door in upstate New York within basically 2 days.... WOW.

Bill Haney, S/V The Wanderer, New York (email March 23, 2017)
WatchMate Vision owner

I am very impressed with the way Vesper are continuously developing functionality rather than developing new models like rabbits, typical of some mainstream suppliers, such that one month after buying the product it is obsolete...

Myron Bileckyj, S/V Evening Star (Contest 37), UK (email September 18, 2016)
XB-8000 owner

‚ÄčI can not more highly recommend your product to other sailors.

I purchased a WatchMate specifically for a short handed (2 person crew) voyage from Norfolk VA USA to Turkey. Based on this voyage the two "do not leave home without them" items are WatchMate AIS with repeater at the helm, and autopilot.

Our transatlantic weather alternated between flat calms and 25-35Kn winds with 15-20+ foot waves. We set our course to run between the two main shipping lanes and frequently were in close contact with large cargo vessels; most of whom expressed appreciation to our use of the AIS as it enabled them to take early evasive action to steer clear of us in the heavy weather we were experiencing.

‚ÄčAlan Thilo, SS Makai, 43ft Slocum (email September 8, 2016)
WatchMate 850 owner
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