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I am a huge fan of your product. I was sold the moment I saw it at the show in Miami. I am on the Ohio River now, with very heavy barge traffic in the bargain too, and since all the barge traffic uses AIS, it is a great tool... especially at night. You would think a 1500 foot pushboat/barge combo would be easier to see. I really like that they can see me. I also really like the anchor watch system, as well. Best of anything I have encountered and it takes just a tiny sip from the batteries overnight.

Mike Phillipps, WatchMate-850 owner (via email July 25, 2012)

This is a fantastic device. Was not sure I how I would like AIS since I had not had it before but since I was outfitting a new boat, I put it on. Wow is all I can say. It is incredibly helpful on Long Island Sound, especially for dealing with the ferries between New London and Orient Point as well as for the fast ferries on that route and to Block Island. Can’t imagine life without an 850!

Jim McCrea, "North Star", Essex, Connecticut

Thanks for the great info. I’m not accustomed to getting such a comprehensive response from a manufacturer. Your answer to my question actually answers a bigger question that I did not ask. Did I buy the correct AIS? Your response tells me you are a part of a company that wants to put out a good product not just make a buck.

Harold Van De Ven (email July 13, 2012)

Thrilled to bits with your WatchMate and looking forward to using it when this lousy jet stream, moves away from the south coast of the UK. I was most impressed with your WatchMate when sailing on a friends boat just recently, so I had to have one. It's a great bit of kit and I wish I was aware of your company a lot earlier.

David Green, Dorset, UK

We are now well in to our second season using our WatchMate 850, and we still consider it one of our most valuable pieces of electronic equipment. We are in the Med where traffic is sometimes heavy, and our WatchMate has really helped us deal with the abundance of ships. We find the CPA button especially helpful. When we are on a converging course with a ship, we can immediately see if we should speed up or slow down to increase our CPA. We love this thing!

We don't want to sound too smug about using the CPA function on the WM850. It took us a while to discover it. But now we use it on every target that comes within our conservative alarm range. It is easy to alter course and/or speed if you know when and where the CPA will occur. Great feature. Thanks.

And, yes, of course you can use any of our comments. We really are impressed with this unit, and we tell everyone we know. Glad to spread the word.

Bud & Nita, Peterson 44 "S/V Passage", Ithaca, Greece

Dear Folks- I have been in the marine industry for 40 years and have never had such an incredibly positive and quick response from any company, let alone an electronics company! I have not yet had your unit installed on my ferry but if the product is even half as good as your customer service I know I will be thrilled. The delivery driver could not believe that the unit came from New Zealand to me in 2 days!

Thank you so much for making this transaction such a pleasure!

Capt. Jono Billings, Cuttyhunk Ferry Company, New Bedford, MA

My compliments on your logical and intuitive user interface. Very nice.

John MacEvoy, Stevens 47 "Aquila", Chesapeake Bay

I very carefully researched the market before buying your WatchMate750 and as a single hander, with a liftetime of experience, including running a Govt accredited commercial maritime training organisation before retirement, must congratulate you for a very user friendly and useful nav-aid. I can "see" vessels more than 60 miles away and am sure it is not tropospheric bending. I particularly like the CPA and TCPA allowing me to detect a dangerous target even when it is a long way off.

Susan Robertson-Rooms, Yachtmaster and sailing school instructor, Accredited commercial maritime training, Master Class 5, 32' Van de Stadt "Assegaai", cruising South Pacific

Dear Vesper Marine,

I installed a Vesper Marine 850 AIS Transponder last spring. On our trip from Holland to Stockholm via the busy German Bight and the Baltic and back, my wife and I had ample opportunity to experience the features of your product. We are delighted with our decision to purchase the WatchMate 850.

Marcel V. Rijken Rapp, Neitherlands
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