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We have the 850 and I have to say we absolutely love it, sailing around the southern North Sea off the UK, France, Belgium and Holland where shipping can be busy and deep water restricted. Looking up a vessel's destination is particularly useful because it can tell us whether it will shortly turn into this channel or that. Took us a while to rumble that we had to set the profiles to stop the alarm going off every few minutes but we now have that sorted. It's a fabulous addition to safety as well as giving us peace of mind because we know we are on the other guy's screen!

Yes, do post some or all of my comments - that's why I sent them. Credit where credit is due!

Simon Westmacott, Kent, UK

I have a WatchMate-750 for some time now and I am very happy about the quality and the excellent display!

Koen Velleman, Belgium

Congratulations for your products, the WatchMates are just what I need!

Tomas Bacher, Caribbean

In April 2010, while we were in Grenada I purchased an AIS WatchMate and fitted it to my yacht. It has been a brilliant piece of gear and my wife thinks it's the best thing that we have purchased. You can use my comments on your website if you wish. I have been happy with the 750 and after seeing different brands that others had bought in Europe I found it much more user friendly. Several of my friends have ordered WatchMates after seeing mine and have been pleased with it.

Terry McCarroll, Australian Yacht, Panama

The AIS WatchMate Receiver has been a godsend in gauging vessel traffic -- previously mainly relying on monitoring Vessel Traffic Control -- and for those occasions where fog has settled in, especially given my decision not to install radar.

Overall, I am very pleased with the decision to go with this system. I investigated many others that struck me as too cumbersome and not the kind of instrument that would look good on a sailboat for which simplicity and elegance are the key themes.

Peter May, Medina WA, USA

Installation [of the WatchMate-850 and Vesper Marine splitter] was a snap... and getting the AIS info onto the chartplotter was straightforward as well. You all have a fine product and I look forward to using it on our trip to the Bahamas this winter.

Ray Meyer, US East Coast

We took a 5-day cruise up the Lake Michigan coast last week and had the opportunity to try out the WatchMate 850. We were really pleased with its performance. I really liked the anchor watch feature as well. – great peace of mind. I found the instrument dirt-simple to operate and totally intuitive.

Mark Hoenke, S/V Roxy, Michigan

I just want to thank you again for your great customer service. I do not know of any other company, who would spend more than an hour on Skype, leading a client through a technical problem, reply on a Sunday etc. Your patience, persistence and expertise are exemplary. Vesper Marine is great.

Bill Robinson, Yacht "Jenain", Phuket, Thailand

We're thrilled with the performance of the WatchMate-850. It's great to "see" a ferry on the screen come around the corner of these fjords before seeing them up front and personal. We pick them up 40 miles away even with 1000 ft rock sides. There are other positive aspects to your product, especially the ability to tailor it. We really like it.

John and Ellie Wheeler, S/V Serenity, Alaska
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