What Our Customers Are Saying...

Thank you for your great product. This is my 3rd one.

Dan Culpepper, S/V Heldeleine, Stamford, CT

You know it tickles me to no end that you pay attention to your customers and see the light. That is why you have such a following of happy customers.

Chuck Houlihan, La Paz, Mexico

Thanks again. Your professionalism and courteous customer service is rare these days. I will recommend WatchMate to my boating associates. Much appreciated.

Gerald Schumacher, Point Richmond, CA

The WatchMate has performed flawlessly during the cruise. It’s working in conjunction with a Furuno FA-50 Class B transponder. The cruise involved travelling down the St. Lawrence River, coastal cruising in the Canadian Maritimes, then crossing the Gulf of Maine to the U.S. east coast and exploring New England as far south as New York City. Just now, I’m headed back home to Lake Ontario via the Hudson River and Erie Canal. The WatchMate was very helpful in the many commercial marine traffic situations I encountered.

William Henry, Saorsa II, Ontario, Canada

You guys have been great. Thanks so much for the good service and kind support!

Tobin Alexander, S/Y Kalolaina, Singapore

The WatchMate-RX has worked perfectly and caught up to 240 targets around Rotterdam. It classified perfectly them in order of importance, and the information gave me a lot of serenity in these areas of navigation.

Philippe Ceresne, Ile aux Moines, France

It is a misfortune that you are only selling the WatchMate. Your customer care is truly great.

Rolf & Uta Leffin, Yacht "Mariposa", India

I am writing to tell you how happy I am with the WatchMate. We have just returned from Chagos, and found it invaluable in the Malacca straits with the very busy shipping lanes.

Here is an extract from a mail received from my friends [who bought a WatchMate based on our recommendation]. "The ‘WatchMate’ is becoming our favorite instrument. On the way to India, it could show all that it can do. We are truly impressed. We cannot thank you enough; that was truly great advice from you two."

We recommended your products to many other yachts in Chagos. You are welcome to use my recommendation anywhere, it is a great product as I tell everyone.

Bill Robinson & Marlyse Bodmer, Yacht "Jenain", Thailand

We were bound from Fort Lauderdale to the VI, but had to turn back after just 20 miles due to a jammed port rudder (this was a 51' catamaran), and it was a dark night. The WatchMate was absolutely invaluable in pointing out just what those lights out there were doing, and how close we were going to come to them. I had an experienced captain aboard who had mildly scoffed at the AIS idea when I earlier mentioned it, and he is completely sold, just on that night's experience. It takes all the guesswork out of night time navigation where converging courses and traffic are concerned.

Ron Weinert, British Columbia
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