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My WatchMate AIS unit is now installed and I can say that it was one of the most easiest electronic units I have ever fitted on Endless Dream. I switched it on and all the data came up 100%. I feel much happier knowing who and where the ships are, especially in the Mallaca Straits.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vesper Marine to any of the big yachting family for your service and product. Once again, thanks!

Frederick Florian, "Endless Dream", Malaysia

It sure has made life aboard so much less stressful.

Jim Burgoyne, Ishigaki, Japan

The AISWatchMate is the most useful equipment I have on the boat – when I got to the Panama Canal I had a record number of 180 ships showing up!

Chris Dobson

I had experience with the AISWatchMate on a trip south to Mexico and was very impressed with how easy it was to use. It quickly became one of the few electronic devices on board that was in constant use. A comforting change from most electronics.

Peter Jacobs, Vancouver, British Columbia

I love the product. It will be on my boat when my wife and I leave on our next circumnavigation. Did an 8 year circumnavigation from 1997-2005 and this will make our next one a lot easier.

Jeff Casher, "Sea Witch", California

I've done 500 miles of the West African coast with the benefit of the WatchMate. It's f***in great!!!

Tony Beks, "Ragin Cajun", enroute South Africa to Brazil

It's awesome. Works beautifully. I love love love my WatchMate. As I frequently passage solo I feel a lot safer out there. Thanks so much for your help.

BTW: I have checked the AIS system on a 112' mega yacht whose captain thought his chartplotter was the best system until he saw my WatchMate. With the WatchMate you get instant notification of every target's CPA and TCPA which you do not get with a chartplotter until you click on the target.

Richard Manto, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Thank you for taking the time to write. Obviously there's never a perfect answer, but clearly the WatchMate is a huge step in that direction.

All the best, and thanks for developing a product that will enhance my safety a thousand times over when I finally head out!

Kevin Reilly

The WatchMate is definitely a slick device. It's great to be able to track nearshore Southbound ships and even Northbound ships in the Gulf Stream that are 20 miles out. Compared to radar info, especially in a bouncing sea, the WatchMate data is rock solid.

Thomas Leonard, Florida
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