What Our Customers Are Saying...

Several years ago, some cruising friends lost their lives on a blustery, dark November night as they closed with the coast of New Zealand and were run down by a Korean log ship. If the Watchmate had been available to them, they would probably be alive today. We think of them on every passage and their deaths remind us to keep proper watches, but even in the best conditions it is nearly impossible to be diligent 100% of the time. The Watchmate performs where our eyes and mind can't and has simplified determining if a collision risk exists with ample warning. The Watchmate has become our most important piece of safety equipment, and indeed seems like an additional, watch-standing crew person. We couldn't be more satisfied with your product. (Unless it did the dishes and made breakfast)

Laura Wright, "Shearwater", New Zealand

The WatchMate reports ten or fifteen targets but my computer only shows 5 or so and is very slow to pick up ship names and details. Any thoughts? In any event, WatchMate runs like a charm and is more than I imagined, hassle free.

Ken Jenkins, "Panche", Australia
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