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Had a fabulous experience with the XB-8000 and iPad last week crossing the shipping lane at Gibraltar- going over to Morrocco and back--targets all over the place and really painless---thanks!

It really is a great instrument to have and the iPad WiFi is REALLY,REALLY nice! I am NOT at all a fan of the iPad in general--I ENDURE IT---and really dislike the idea of using it as a navigational tool---ya know--"if you need a plumber, you hire a plumber" and the whole idea of using WiFi connectivity on a SAILING YACHT just sort of seems "unclean!" BUT----after this recent trip over to Africa I am a convert to the Vesper WiFi thing. It just helps to relieve a lot of stress.

Edward Zacko, "Entr'acte", Mediterranean (email September 29, 2014)

Thanks for your advice. Can I say what marvelous customer support you provide.

John Coffin, "Misty", Ingatestone, Essex England (email September, 12 2014)

I have now been using the XB-8000 and iPad mini with iNavX from Denmark to east coast of Spain and it is truly a great combo. Highly valued piece of kit offering both safety and comfort. Thanks.

Søren Andersen, S/Y Stella, Copenhagen, Denmark (email September 3, 2014)

We just completed a 7000nm voyage from the US West coast to Hawaii and then up to British Colombia. The Vision was not only a pleasure to use but an indispensable device that allowed us to voyage much more safely offshore.

Leighton Richardson (email August 31, 2014)
WatchMate Vision owner

We just love your AIS unit. A dream. We are currently in Corfu, heading for Sicily after a terrific trip up to Venice. Last summer we came down from the Arctic through Central Russia. First foreign-flagged vessel ever allowed onto the Volga and Don river systems. I would have liked the Vesper unit for that trip - many of the river buoys are now getting AIS transmitters.

We installed the Vesper in Turkey and our record catch of AIS signals in the Aegean was 203 targets at one time! That was near Piraeus.

The unit has worked faultlessly. I particularly like the way it presents on openCPN. It is a splendid bit of gear and I will list it in the Good Gear section on our website.


John Vallentine, S/Y Tainui, Corfu (email July 31, 2014)
XB-8000 owner

Thanks for good AIS! I sailed 1400 miles to Papua New Guinea and WatchMate was working perfectly. I got ship alarms from distance 6-12 miles. I like it's design and menu is easy to use. I haven't tried yet anchorwatch, but soon i'll need it.

Imre Aljas, S/Y Bellatrix, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (email July 29, 2014)
WatchMate 850 owner

I have sailed solo 6000nm since purchasing my Vesper 850 AIS transponder and quite frankly apart from navigational charts I consider the 850 my most important navigational and safety aid. On three occasions it has been instrumental in preventing potential collisions at night in adverse weather conditions plus the anchor alarm has alerted myself to two dragging situations while I was asleep.

Once you have used the Vesper 850 I would venture to say you would not go to sea without one.

Simon Penlington, Moody 471 "S/V Nicha", Trinidad (email July 18, 2014)

Our cruise to the Bahamas went off without a hitch and we arrived back to FL three days before the tropical depression formed over the northern Bahamas!

The WatchMate performed perfectly! It is such a wonderful piece of equipment - the anchor watch is great, I particularly liked being able to set the filter for CPA distance. There were times we were anchored in the lee of a cay with a ship a mile away, but on the other side of the cay in deep water. The ability to alarm only targets closer than a mile kept the alarm from going off at night.

When approaching a ship from 10 miles away it is comforting to know if there will be an issue in plenty of time, without having to use radar and the associated calculations.

A great piece of equipment!

Jim Haas, S/V Whisper, Florida (email July 15, 2014)
WatchMate 850 owner

So you may not here from me until mid January when I return to Trinidad, but I say that I'm very happy with the Vesper [WatchMate] 850. I added a loud alarm and as a solo sailor it is utterly indispensable and one of the most important instruments on the boat.

I don't know why everyone doesn't have a transponder as its clear that ships see me and so far have altered course sometimes one on each side passing close by at night, scarey but I know they see me and I see them.

Keep them going.

Dave Isom, Adams 40 "S/V Eliana", Trinidad (email July 7, 2014)
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