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Our cruise to the Bahamas went off without a hitch and we arrived back to FL three days before the tropical depression formed over the northern Bahamas!

The WatchMate performed perfectly! It is such a wonderful piece of equipment - the anchor watch is great, I particularly liked being able to set the filter for CPA distance. There were times we were anchored in the lee of a cay with a ship a mile away, but on the other side of the cay in deep water. The ability to alarm only targets closer than a mile kept the alarm from going off at night.

When approaching a ship from 10 miles away it is comforting to know if there will be an issue in plenty of time, without having to use radar and the associated calculations.

A great piece of equipment!

Jim Haas, S/V Whisper, Florida (email July 15, 2014)
WatchMate 850 owner

So you may not here from me until mid January when I return to Trinidad, but I say that I'm very happy with the Vesper [WatchMate] 850. I added a loud alarm and as a solo sailor it is utterly indispensable and one of the most important instruments on the boat.

I don't know why everyone doesn't have a transponder as its clear that ships see me and so far have altered course sometimes one on each side passing close by at night, scarey but I know they see me and I see them.

Keep them going.

Dave Isom, Adams 40 "S/V Eliana", Trinidad (email July 7, 2014)

This was the best instrument upgrade I've ever done. Wired in fitted and playing from the get go and simple to understand.

Robert McClelland, Jeanneau 57 "First Picasso", Sydney, Australia
XB-8000 owner (email May 27, 2014)

Thank you. I love your XB-8000 and its use on my iPad.

Jean-Luc Treilhes, Thalassa VI, Port Leucate, France (email May 13,2014)

Thank you. You seem to have a great company and product. Your customer support is the best I've seen.

Neil Davies, Hunter 42 Midnight Sun II, Georgia, www.midnightsunii.com
WatchMate Vision owner (email May 1, 2014)

Wonderful. Perfect with my iPad thru wifi with nmea 2k

Olivier Fretay, XB-8000 owner, France (email April 28, 2014)

I just installed your XB-8000 and so far I am VERY impressed--not only with the reception but also the ease of installation.

Ed Zacko, S/V Entr'acte, Spain (email April 21, 2014)

We really like the XB-8000 we installed about a year ago, and we've recommended it highly whenever asked about our setup. It interfaces with many of our systems using the USB and NMEA 0183 protocols (we don't yet have NMEA 2000 running). If we had to do it all over again, we'd do it all again!

Our cruising area is the east coast of the United States from the Dry Tortugas to the Bay of Fundy. We just completed the "Great Loop" from our home port and returned through Canada, Lake Michigan, the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, and the TenTomBigbee Waterway into the Gulf of Mexico and back to Florida's east coast through the Okeechobee Waterway.

Your XB-8000 worked flawlessly the entire trip, interfacing with a Garmin chartplotter and several laptops running navigation software.

Bob McLeran, M/V Sanderling, Merritt Island, Florida (email April 2, 2014)

I love your product and show it off frequently (even telling my normal electronics dealer that they should carry your products). I'm looking forward to your update where my Vision talks to my Icom 604, so I can easily communicate with AIS targets.

Eric Roeder, California (email March 6, 2014)
WatchMate Vision owner
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