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I have bought a month ago an XB-8000 AIS. A first trip from Toulon to le Havre, using it with SEAiq and iNavX on an iPad, give me the opportunity to test it, and I must tell you, I'm 105% satisfied.

Once again, congratulations for your device!

Christophe Mahé, Gif sur Yvette, France (email Dec 9, 2013)

When I started looking into AIS, my research led me to the decision to buy an independent unit rather than clutter up the chart plotter.

As I suspected it would, marine technology has developed tremendously during the13 years I have been building my boat. Now that it is nearly complete, I looked for state of the art electronics. Vesper Marine's WatchMate Vision leads the way for AIS.

WatchMate Vision's touch screen makes it easy to zone in and get specs on a vessel, change your range or alarm settings, and adjust the display. Several filtering options allow for fine tuning under different location conditions, such as whether you are offshore or in a harbor.

The unit itself is smooth and sleek. I flush mounted mine in a cabinet above the wheel. The felt-lined textured soft cover makes it just as attractive when it's not in use.

AIS a very important component of our electronics, and Vesper Marine's WatchMate Vision is the best I have found.

Art Fahrenholz, S/V Work of Art (email Nov 21, 2013)

Great product and very easy to set up and use . The app is also great for checking your signal strength. Thanks for making a great product Vesper!

Douglas Chirnside aboard Wildrose, UK (email Oct 29, 2013)
XB-8000 owner

Sadiqi departed Western Australia in 2010 with a Comar AIS Multi. The unit failed during the crossing of the Indian Ocean - terrible after sales support. In South Africa purchased a Standard Horizon GX2150 AIS receiver. Works well except once the alarm sounds you have to turn all alarms off or go insane with the noise. After crossing the Atlantic I decided it would be a good idea if ships could see me so purchased the Watchmate - what a little gem - easy to use. I really like the anchor alarm feature. Thanks Vesper Marine - good bit of kit

Keith, Yacht Sadiqi, Tobago (email Sep 4, 2013)

Thanks for your help in ordering another AIS 850 WatchMate transponder for a fellow cruiser who saw it our boat.

I just felt I should let you know my "down below admiral" is now so much more confident in our voyages since the installation of our Vesper Marine AIS 850 WatchMate transponder on our yacht. On the first voyage since installing it on an overnight trip from Livingston Guatemala to Roatan in Honduras we were able to see several cargo ship's come up astern and literally alter course around us. Knowing the type,name, course,and contact details was a huge comfort.

This unit has enabled us to now relax when sailing and makes us feel safe and secure whilst pottering around the Caribbean. Pacific here we come! How did we ever manage without it ! Now the "down below admiral" can relax and pour another wine !!

Howard Dorling, S/V Georgeann (42' Tayana), Honduras (email August 13, 2013)

Just got back from sailing for a few weeks. The Vesper WatchMate is just fantastic, very simple to install and use and is the answer to an old seaman’s prayer who hates most electronic gadgets but has had too many scares in fog in the past and just loves this one.

You despatched it from NZ on Sunday and it was on someone’s desk here in the UK at 09.30 on Wednesday morning – small world indeed these days!

Many thanks for an excellent product and service.

Bruce Thorogood, Devon, England (email Jul 30, 2013)
WatchMate 750 owner

Very impressed with the quality of this product and the ease of set up. It works very well-even in the boat shed!

George Oswald, Kirkland, WA (email July 24, 2013)
XB-8000 owner

Thanks for the great service, as well as for making by far the best AIS display units in the world. I tell everyone that the 3 best bits of equipment on my boat all come from NZ. The WatchMate, the Rocna anchors, and the ReefRite furler with Kiwi slides.

Bill Robinson, Yacht "JENAIN", Langkawi, Malaysia (email July 22, 2013)
WatchMate 850 owner

Thanks. All systems are go at this point, and it could perhaps be helpful at times to have the wired connection option, though generally when one has a shoreside wifi connection there's rarely a need for navigation. LOL.

As you know your products are getting rave reviews online, as is your support, to which I can attest.

Paul Denton, Bristol 30 Vivid, Wilmington, NC (email June 5, 2013)
XB-8000 owner
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