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Thanks for a great product – had it 3 years now and really serves me well in the busy shipping lanes around my home port. You are very welcome to post this on your website or anywhere else – its a fact !

Alan Crichton, SV Sirocco, Richards Bay, South Africa (email Feb 19, 2014)
WatchMate 850 owner

Just a short note to comment on the Vesper Marine 850 WatchMate and their VM SP 160 VHF cable splitter.

Just installed this December 29th 2013, on my Beneteau First 47.7 2001. Install was straight forward, cutting hole in nav station with template and drilling the 4 mounting holes. Unit was connected to lap top and cockpit nav station, was surprised to see unit work before I had attached the outside GPS antenna.

Programming the WatchMate was easy to do following the onscreen menu, Unit found It's GPS fix inside 2 mins from a cold start. Went sailing in Vancouver Saturday and Sunday, well tried to. Could not see the Lions Gate bridge till we were under it, fog was unrelenting, Worked really well to have the radar and AIS working together on the chart plotter.

On return into English Bay on the Saturday we had a deep sea vessel contact us via AIS, was comforting to now exactly where he was, and what the CPA would be as the fog had visibility down to 25 yards.

Product is worth every Penny just for piece of mind and helping in good seamanship practises.

John Mortimer, String Theory, Vancouver, Canada (email Feb 5, 2014)

After you informed us to use the existing wiring, we literally plugged it in and began using this unit. It paid for itself on one night when eight ships were detected at once and we were in the center of the screen. The closest passed us with a 1/2 mile to spare. We contacted two of the ships to enquire if they were aware of our presence and they were.

Buddy Yaremko, SV DESIRE, Australia (email Feb 3, 2014)
WatchMate 850 owner

This is the third Vesper Marine unit I've installed on Luckness. I bought the very first unit Vesper Marine offered which was receive only. I really liked it, but when the anchor watch feature came out, I upgraded and bought a 670 which was also receive only. The anchor watch feature is really excellent. The anchor watch gets at least as much use as the AIS, as when cruising, much more than half of the time I'm at anchor somewhere.

After leaving Mexico in March of 2012, my Vesper Marine was on continually for my passage to Hawaii, while in Hawaii for three and a half months as an anchor watch and receiver and then on my passage back to Seattle in August. The unit draws such low power that leaving it on all the time was never a problem.

As you know, I now have the 850 - I decided I wanted to be able to transmit as well. Hopefully this is the last unit I buy for a while :-)

Craig McPheeters, Luckness, Seattle, WA
WatchMate 650, 670 and 850 owner

You might thank "Practical Sailor" magazine for their reviews of your products. Many people in our Yacht Club have gone with Vesper this year, not just because of the satisfaction with the products, but with the support as well. I can see why.

Laurence Boag, Oakland, California (email Dec 19, 2013)
WatchMate 850 owner

Read about Practical Sailor naming the WatchMate 850 "Best Choice AIS"

Impressed by my 750 model so upgraded to 850 when I saw the ad in 'Afloat' mag.. .Andrew at Aquatronics in Sydney could not have been more helpful!

Doug Davidson, NSW Australia (email Dec 12, 2013)

We also installed an A.I.S. system (WatchMate 850 by Vesper Marine) which is probably the most useful piece of equipment on the vessel, as my wife Shirley was heard to mention that once marriages between humans and machines are made legal, she wants to marry ours.

Taffy (Keith) and Shirley Bowen, The R.O.A.D. (Excerpt from email to their yacht designer upon completing their circumnavigation in South Africa, Dec 11, 2013)

I have bought a month ago an XB-8000 AIS. A first trip from Toulon to le Havre, using it with SEAiq and iNavX on an iPad, give me the opportunity to test it, and I must tell you, I'm 105% satisfied.

Once again, congratulations for your device!

Christophe Mahé, Gif sur Yvette, France (email Dec 9, 2013)

When I started looking into AIS, my research led me to the decision to buy an independent unit rather than clutter up the chart plotter.

As I suspected it would, marine technology has developed tremendously during the13 years I have been building my boat. Now that it is nearly complete, I looked for state of the art electronics. Vesper Marine's WatchMate Vision leads the way for AIS.

WatchMate Vision's touch screen makes it easy to zone in and get specs on a vessel, change your range or alarm settings, and adjust the display. Several filtering options allow for fine tuning under different location conditions, such as whether you are offshore or in a harbor.

The unit itself is smooth and sleek. I flush mounted mine in a cabinet above the wheel. The felt-lined textured soft cover makes it just as attractive when it's not in use.

AIS a very important component of our electronics, and Vesper Marine's WatchMate Vision is the best I have found.

Art Fahrenholz, S/V Work of Art (email Nov 21, 2013)
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