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Very impressed with the quality of this product and the ease of set up. It works very well-even in the boat shed!

George Oswald, Kirkland, WA (email July 24, 2013)
XB-8000 owner

Thanks for the great service, as well as for making by far the best AIS display units in the world. I tell everyone that the 3 best bits of equipment on my boat all come from NZ. The WatchMate, the Rocna anchors, and the ReefRite furler with Kiwi slides.

Bill Robinson, Yacht "JENAIN", Langkawi, Malaysia (email July 22, 2013)
WatchMate 850 owner

Thanks. All systems are go at this point, and it could perhaps be helpful at times to have the wired connection option, though generally when one has a shoreside wifi connection there's rarely a need for navigation. LOL.

As you know your products are getting rave reviews online, as is your support, to which I can attest.

Paul Denton, Bristol 30 Vivid, Wilmington, NC (email June 5, 2013)
XB-8000 owner

Hi - just installed the XB-8000. Love it so far with one exception: status/control SW doesn't seem to work with Windows XP. My wife wants her win7 laptop back :-(

Nicely done product, well packaged with the right cables. Am recommending it to others. Thanks

[Vesper Marine note: The configuration software works on XP but on startup gives a warning that it is not officially supported]

Paul Close, Valiant 39 Sugar Pine, Oregon (email May 17, 2013)

Here's a story... Sailing down the west coast in 35+ and big seas, on a course for San Fran, the WatchMate sounded an alarm. An outbound containership was going to be passing within .1 nm. We called him up on VHF, explained that with the sea state, wind angle, wind strength, and a broken traveller, it would not be easy to jibe out of his way. I politely asked if he could alter course, and he did (yes, I am fully aware he was the stand on vessel).

If I did not have the WatchMate, I would not have seen the ship until he was sounding the horn. The WatchMate also showed he could only turn 6 degrees/mi. The WatchMate made the situation easy and safe. I frequently spotted vessels 60+ miles out.

Buy one, as you cannot write the check on the way down.

Michael Pack, S/V Caelestis, now in San Diego (email Apr 26, 2013)

I was so pleased with the Vesper WatchMate unit on our last circumnavigation, that I purchased an 850 Class B transponder for our upcoming third circumnavigation.

AIS is the single most important collision-avoid device developed in my lifetime. I consider it far more useful than my radar. I wouldn't cross an ocean without one.

And now, in most busy ports of the world, all my family and friends can see GANESH in near 'real time' via marinetraffic.com on the Internet... almost instantly and for free! Yippee!

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander, S/V Ganesh (email Apr 20, 2013)

I had a new patch lead made up and bingo everything is working good! So thanks very much for your help with my problems. I will be recommending you guys if I meet any sailors about to buy an AIS machine.

Craig Porter, Shetland, UK (email Apr 18, 2013)

I have been thinking today about the tremendously responsive, accurate, and timely tech support I have gotten from you, and I was wondering if there is some way I can comment to this effect in a place or forum where it make a difference to you and Vesper Marine. I suspect you are not one who likes to "toot his own horn" but I would appreciate the opportunity to do it for you. Please let me know how I can give you some well deserved "cyber applause."

Bob Hargreaves, XB-8000 owner, Mason 44 Bright Angel (email Apr 11, 2013)

Winifred is on her homeward leg from Hobart, we left Eden this morning after a rough trip across Bass Strait. If you want to read our Blog mvwinifred.blogspot.com/, I gave you a glowing recommendation without using your name. We would be pleased if you wanted to use it as an endorsement. We love the simplicity and the Logic and the clarity. Compared with the Raymarine Plotter sounder Radar, it is a breath of fresh air.

Andrew Purnell, Yacht Winifred, Bass Strait enroute from Tasmania
(email Feb 22, 2013)
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