COVID-19 Notice to customers

New Zealand stay-at-home restrictions

Earlier this week the New Zealand Government announced escalation measures to counter the spread of Coronavirus and protect our position as an island nation. There is a strict stay-at-home mandate for all non-essential businesses and their staff. Vesper Marine is in full support of this necessary action to stop the highly contagious threat to our society. We are working to ensure all staff are supported and have the capability to work remotely from the safety of their own homes.

It’s not yet known for sure how long current restrictions will need to remain in place, however the New Zealand Government has suggested a period of 4 weeks is needed to break the transmission cycle and ensure our country is safe.

Below are the key things you need to know about the impact this has on how we serve our customers during this challenging period.

Order Delivery and Ongoing Sales

With our Auckland headquarters closed, we are currently unable to despatch orders. Any open or subsequently received orders will be processed as swiftly as possible once our team is able to return to the building.

We apologise if this causes any inconvenience and encourage you to please contact us primarily via email if you have any urgent requirements or queries.

Distributor and Dealers
Please contact your Vesper Marine representative or email [email protected]

End user customers
Please contact your nearest Vesper Marine dealer or use this ‘where to buy’ link:

Our Auckland phone contact is currently diverted to voicemail and we are regularly checking these and will respond accordingly.

Impacts to Cortex Development

To date we have been able to adapt to the impacts of Coronavirus by changing component supply away from affected suppliers in China and other areas. As this pandemic spreads globally and increases the lock-down measures across every continent, we are seeing additional impacts.

Ongoing restrictions through Asia are continuing to place pressure on manufacturing and parts supply timelines for final preproduction and initial volume production for Cortex.

With the right measures in place to protect our staff, and new technology and processes in place to enable remote working, we are working hard to ship the most anticipated marine VHF this century as soon as we can!

Contact Enquiries & Support

Vesper Marine Customer & Technical Support is still available!

For Technical Support please email us at [email protected] or submit a Support Ticket via our Support Portal at

For General Enquiries please email us at [email protected] or make a submission via out website contact form at

Our Auckland phone contact is currently diverted to voicemail and we are regularly checking these and will respond accordingly. To help us support your enquiry, we recommend using email, or Support Ticket and contact from via our website.

RMA product returns are currently not available with our physical office premises closed. We request any returns are held at source until we can follow up and process these. If you have any questions about an RMA, please contact support or update your existing Support Ticket.