MOB device

AIS Man Overboard devices are important safety gear for the crew on your boat. When activated, these waterproof devices alert your boat and nearby vessels about a man overboard (MOB) situation. They transmit a special AIS signal to all AIS enabled devices, usually within a four-mile radius. Mounted on a lifejacket, the MOB device gets activated when the life jacket is inflated. Its antenna is designed to be perpendicular to the sea surface when activated for maximum output.

smartAIS transponders like the XB-8000 and Vision listen for a man overboard signal and trigger an audible alarm if they detect one. Compatible with any manufacturer's MOB, they provide continuously updated location, bearing and range for quick retrieval. The alarm is also triggered on your MFD or mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet or can be viewed on your smartwatch for quick action wherever you are on the boat. This helps reduce the reaction time in case of an MOB as long-term exposure is the greatest risk to loss of life.

The WatchMate Vision or Vision2 has a unique feature that can associate MOB devices with the names of your crew members. If an MOB alarm is triggered, it displays the name of the crew member which is quicker and easy to recognize rather than a string of MMSI numbers.

Like AIS MOBs, EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) are also safety devices, but primarily designed for boats. WIth a transmission time of 48 hours, they are activated when your ship is in danger of going down. EPIRBs signal search and rescue centers anywhere in the world via satellite using the 406 MHz frequency. They also send homing signals on 121.5 MHz frequency to near distance aircraft, helicopters and ships.

Man overboard (MOB)