WatchMate Vision2 AIS Transponder Nav Station Package

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A complete package with everything you need to install a WatchMate Vision2 in your nav station

This package is designed for installing a WatchMate Vision2 AIS Transponder in a nav station or wheelhouse and allows you to share a single VHF antenna between your AIS transponder and VHF radio. The package includes:

  • WatchMate Vision2 AIS Transponder (P/N: XB9010) more info...
  • External GPS Antenna (P/N: GPA901) more info...
  • Shared AIS / VHF Antenna (P/N: VA159) more info...
  • AIS/VHF Antenna Splitter (P/N: SP160 - includes two 2m antenna patch cables) more info...

This package is designed to replace your existing VHF antenna with our optimized AIS/VHF shared antenna but keep your existing antenna cable. If you wish to also replace your antenna cable, please select the appropriate length cable:

10m antenna cable
20m antenna cable
30m antenna cable